The capital city is the largest and most important urban conservation area in the Czech Republic. Since 1992, the historic centre of Prague has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Thanks to its cultural and historical preconditions, Prague is also the most visited city in the country by both domestic and foreign tourists. This trend must be not only maintained but also continually encouraged. For this reason the city tries its utmost to promote Prague in the world and to strengthen its position in the field of tourism among the cities of Central and Eastern Europe. It has long presented itself both in the field of tourism and through cultural events around the world. It provides considerable and systematic support to major convention events, which significantly increases the city's prestige at a global level. Attention is also given to promoting Prague on the domestic market with the goal of attracting as many Czech tourists as possible to the city. The statistics for the past year show that the interest of Czech tourists in the capital is truly increasing, which naturally pleases us.

All tourist information, which the capital city provides in a detailed form, is available on the website of Prague Information Service (Pražská informační služba) - Prague City Tourism It contains everything that domestic or foreign tourists need to know about their stay in Prague and its surroundings, including information on accommodation, food, restaurants and cultural events.