The City of Prague is the most important and largest urban heritage reserve in the Czech Republic. The Historic Centre of Prague has been on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List since 1992. Thanks to its cultural and historical qualities, Prague has long been the most visited city in the country, particularly by foreign tourists.

The city makes considerable effort to promote Prague abroad and strengthen its position in the field of tourism among the major cities of Central and Eastern Europe. The basic pillars of the inbound tourism concept have changed, however. Even Prague has not managed to avoid the phenomenon of what is called "overtourism", which also beleaguers other important tourist locations in Europe and beyond. The city wants to continue to focus on motivating visitors to stay longer or visit repeatedly, spreading visitors to areas outside the historic centre and to times outside the main tourist season, and supporting domestic tourism. In the spirit of the new concept, the city supports major congress events that raise the city's prestige on a global level and events that take place outside the historic centre and outside the main tourist season.

The city cooperates closely with Prague City Tourism, which aside from city marketing activities in the field of inbound tourism also provides information on the city for both inhabitants and visitors. On its website one can find everything that a domestic or international tourist needs for visiting Prague and its surroundings, including options for accommodation, dining and a cultural programme.

Currently the City of Prague is contending with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, which has significantly crippled tourism. The city wants to help restart it with ongoing systematic subsidy aid for major congress and other events in the form of a tourism support programme or a special programme for supporting inbound tourism "At Home in Prague", as well as indirectly through the programmes COVID Prague and COVID – Rent, intended for mitigating the financial impact of the coronavirus on business, including in the hotel and hospitality industries.